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The most popular places to honeymoon

For many couples, the honeymoon is just as important as the wedding itself, with newlyweds choosing to begin their married life with a relaxing trip away to celebrate their new chapter. Whether you’re hoping to embark on a trip of a lifetime or simply wish to revisit your favourite place together, a honeymoon is a time for making memories and taking some dedicated time out for each other. So would you prefer to recline on a sandy beach with a cocktail in hand, or embark on a backpacking trek exploring new terrain with your life partner?

At Hillier Jewellers we wanted to find out the most popular places that newlyweds choose as their honeymoon destination. Using Instagram data we’ve created a map of the current top destinations, click below to discover more about your destination of choice!


We can't say we’re surprised that honeymooning couples are choosing to spend their post-wedding break enjoying sandy beaches and crystal clear island waters. The lure of a relaxing beach break is clearly the most popular honeymoon choice and with Thailand taking the top honeymooning spot, closely followed by the sandy islands of the Maldives and the Caribbean. Adventure seems to be running through the blood of many modern day newlyweds with destinations such as New Zealand, Iceland and Japan proving to be favoured most. We were surprised that the much frequented ‘city of love’, Paris, has slipped to the bottom of the list. Are couples now avoiding the hustle and bustle of city breaks in favour of total chillout time? The close and far-flung cathartic locations of Italy, and Bora Bora suggest so!

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